Order and integrity – the secret to our success

four decades of marketing, purchasing and distributing
high-quality agricultural produce, all of our fruit and vegetables
come directly from the growers to a variety of companies in the economy

Tamra Fruits and Vegetables

"Order and integrity – the secret to our success" is not merely a slogan, and it wasn't chosen at random. We can determine, with modesty and humility, that we are veterans with over 4 decades of experience in purchasing, marketing and distributing high-quality agricultural produce. Moreover, we wish to clarify and emphasize that our fruits and vegetables basket goes directly to a variety of companies in the economy.

PS: the sale is wholesale only.
t is needless to mention that the company has many business connections with most of the leading growers in the sector, suppliers of agricultural produce, as well as all of the leading packaging houses in Israel.

Tamra Fruits and Vegetables has many years of proven experience and reputation

The company is one of the leading companies in Israel in marketing agricultural produce, and in fact, it is considered one of the oldest wholesalers in Israel. Lately, the company was chosen as one of the 100 leading companies in the Israeli economy, according to Duns100.

As we mentioned above, we sell, in wholesale only, to various types of businesses and companies:

And many more types of businesses.

שקופית קודמת
שקופית הבאה

Import of fruits and vegetables from abroad

In order to expand Tamra Fruits and Vegetables' produce basket, we also import agricultural produce for our clients – a variety of high-quality fruits and vegetables from abroad. Tamra Fruits and Vegetables imports all the relevant product for that season, which are approved by the Ministry of Agriculture – while maintaining continuous supply and stock from abroad, from the beginning of the season until its end. Tamra Fruits and Vegetables makes sure to import high-quality products only, by choosing to work with leading suppliers abroad.

In addition to marketing from the Israeli growers, Tamra Fruits and Vegetables is preparing to expand its import activities, both in terms of volume and variety. It should be emphasized in this context that the prediction, i.e. increasing the import of all types of fruits and vegetables to Israel, is based on the growing demand of consumers for a wide basket of fruit and vegetables throughout the entire year, while striving to replicate the European model, in addition to the great skill and professionalism of the growers in Israel in terms of growth quality and extension of growth seasons.

However, the additional cost derived from the Israeli climatic conditions makes these crops non-economic and expensive to the consumer. Therefore, Tamra Fruits and Vegetables expects that the increase in imports will enable it to provide an even wider range of products than it currently provides. As a result, it is only natural to give it the option to expand its sales.

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