Tamra Fruits and Vegetables is one of the largest vegetable and fruit wholesalers in Israel, in terms of revenues, tonnage and produce basket variety.

The partnership is owned by Kassem Abu Elhija (through Kassem Properties), who has been operating in the wholesale and retail trade of fruits and vegetables for about 40 years. Tamra Fruits and Vegetables was established in 1980 as a private business under Kassem's management. In 1987, following the success and wide deployment of the operation, a partnership was established jointly owned by Kassem and Tnuva corporation, the purpose of which was to split and outsource Tnuva's wholesale and logistics operations. The partnership that included Tamra Fruits and Vegetables was one of the pioneers of the split model, and as a result of its great success, the model was expanded and Tnuva's entire wholesale operations were transferred to the partnerships. In 2003, following the sale of Tnuva, Kassem acquired its share in the partnership and became its sole owner.

His many years of experience provide Kassem, who serves as the Partnership's CEO, with an in-depth knowledge of the fruits and vegetables marketing field in Israel, including personal acquaintance with most of the industry's leaders. His long-standing reputation provides security and peace of mind to suppliers and customers, and supports the extensive operations of the partnership, which employs dozens of employees and distribution trucks that market and distribute produce from all over the country to a distribution area stretching from Metula to Kibbutz Eilot.

Order and integrity are the core values of Tamra Fruits and Vegetables, and these values guide it in all its activities. Tamra Fruits and Vegetables believes in working with people, not with numbers, and maintains constant and long-term relationships with its suppliers and customers. Moreover, Tamra Fruits and Vegetables offers its suppliers peace of mind deriving from the strength, seniority, reputation, and order in which it excels, and it enables its customers to enjoy the wide variety, quick supply, personal connection and quality of products. The concern for the human aspect of the work bears fruit also in the form of high loyalty by the workers, who have been accompanying Tamra Fruits and Vegetables for decades.


Management team

Kassem Abu El Hija

Owners and CEO

Nidal Abu El Hija

Acquisition in Israel and abroad

Nahad Abu El Hija

Chief sales manager

Kobi Segal

Chief accounts manager

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